Joseph Renaud
Weavings Renaud are based in Chirassimont, Loire where they were founded originally in 1868 by the Renaud Family.
They are among the first to make Swiss muslin on looms. Their muslins were at the time very famous.
Vitrine Joseph Renaud Tarare

Before 1914, Renaud Weavings become Joseph Renaud and Co. They have five plants in the Lyon region, all led by the descendants of J. Renaud. They make net curtains and upholstery fabrics.

Yves Stèvenin, J. Renaud's grandson managed the Chirassimont plant in 1979 and created Stevtiss Company. While continuing the old manufacturing processes, he quickly developed fabrics for technical uses.

In 1989, his son, Marc Stèvenin took the lead of the Company and developed it worldwide.

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